photo shoot with young Hollywood

I found this from one of Lainey Gossip’s entries. To celebrate their 7oth anniversary issue, Glamour staged a photo shoot with young women as iconic American females in history.

Ok, why is Rumer Willis in this? Just because her mom is Demi Moore and her father is Bruce Willis? Ugh, terrible. Her mom may be reasonably good looking but they sure didn’t pass that onto her. As for her acting skills? That remains to be seen.

Camilla Belle as Mary Tyler Moore? As Lainey said, she’s a fame whore and to have her pose as Mary Tyler Moore who is iconic because her show introduced women to a single career woman who wasn’t looking for a man, is laughable.

America Ferrera as Dolores Huertas. Love America Ferrera and “Ugly Betty”.

Lindsay Lohan as Madonna. Lindsay, had talent, once upon a time, but these days, she’s barely getting any work cuz she’s been classified as difficult to work with, a diva, immature, and among many things, unprofessional. One thing you can say about Madonna is that the girl has ambition and a strong focus, unlike the young “actress” portraying her in this photo shoot.

Emma Stone as fashionista Carrie Bradshaw. Sex in the City brought into the open, female friendship and the way women talk to each other. I liked Emma Stone in “Superbad”, really funny movie.

Not really digging Elisha Cuthbert as Brandi Chastain, though. I don’t really find Elisha Cuthbert as an interesting actress. To me, she belongs in the same group as the Jessicas. Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel, who both can’t act but for some reason, still manage to keep getting hired for acting jobs. I don’t understand it.

Alicia Keys as the first Lady, Michelle Obama. Alicia Keys is a fantastic singer and songwriter and has worked hard for everything she has, much like the woman she’s posing as.


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