on and off relationships

I was txting back and forth with a friend a couple days ago and we got onto the topic of relationships. He told me he had been in an on and off relationship for 6 years. I said I wasn’t really a big fan of on and off relationships. I like it to be certain. Either you are or you aren’t. And he responds with “On and off strengthens the relationship because people don’t appreciate what they have until they aren’t there”.

Ok, I may not have been in a long term relationship before but even I know that’s bullshit. On and off relationships means if they keep breaking up and getting back together, that there’s just not enough to hold the two together. And they go back not so much because they miss one another and realize what they’re missing, but it’s because they get used to the other person being there.

I didn’t really know how to respond to that without possibly offending him, though, so I just didn’t txt back. At all. What are you supposed to say to someone who actually really believes that?

And, I have another friend who broke up with his long time girlfriend about a year ago, yet they’re still “seeing” each other and reserve every Sunday to spend time with each other. I understand that if you were in a relationship for a long time, that it’s natural and very difficult to let go of each other but that is excessive.


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