armani guest blog in the ny times

The famous Italian fashion designer, Giorgio Armani, just recently wrote a guest blog for the NY Times. He is or was in town for the opening of a new store of his. The entry I want to comment is his first one of his week long stint blogging for the Times. On one of his nights, he went to dinner with his niece and some friends to an Italian restaurant called Scarpetta. He comments,”I liked the décor and the food was pretty good, but you know the service was a bit slow. I ate spaghetti con pomodoro and basilico — and, here, I must interject something for your benefit. Americans overcook their pasta. Always. And there’s too much sauce. Too much of everything! Please, try to control yourselves.”

This entry was followed by comments and debated about on a forum. Comments ranging from “why would he eat Italian in the States?” to “he complains about everything” and “he’s arrogant and elitist”.

I enjoyed his blog, though. I found his take on New York refreshing.

To those comments, though, if he likes Italian food, maybe he wanted to see how Italian food in New York measures up to back home. Chinese food in Vancouver is fantastic, some of the best outside of China. The Chinese cuisine here is comparable to some places in China. Just because I’m in Canada doesn’t mean I’m not going to eat Chinese food here. I understand saying something like that to a person who i.e. goes to Japan but when they’re there, all they eat is McDonald’s. However, that is a decidedly different situation.

His comment about America and it’s relationship with excess are spot on, though. In the States, “bigger is better” seems to be the norm, hence the disproportionate amount of overweight people in their country. Portion sizes are enormous so no wonder it’s so easy for people to gain weight. Also, at fault, is the American expectation of instant gratification that fuels the country’s mindset behind the many “get rich quick” schemes that are a side effect of the “American dream”. People want to get skinny but they don’t want to do the hard work of exercise and eating a healthy diet. Instead, they turn to diet pills, even surgery to reach their goal quicker.


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