perez hilton = hypocrite

I admit I read Perez Hilton’s blog but pretty much, cuz it’s still one of the sites that aren’t blocked at work, surprisingly. Facebook, unfortunately is =( and as is this site.

He always goes on about how Angelina Jolie is such a saint. Perez literally calls her “santa angelina”. She has done a lot of great charity related things in the more recent years but she’s still just a homewrecker to me. No matter how many kids from other countries she adopts, or how much money she gives to charities, or whatever else she does and then tells photographers so they document it to further the image of her as someone who is now faultless.

Perez trashes Sienna Miller for being a homewrecker and Angelina Jolie does the same, yet she’s “santa angelina”?

And while, we’re on the subject of Perez, why does he seem to hate Jennifer Aniston so much? What did she ever do to him? If anything, he should feel bad for Jennifer Aniston because it’s hard to live her life after having the painful private details of her life splashed in the pages of magazines and newspapers. Also, because she seems to have such bad luck with guys e.g. John Mayer, the famewhore who likes to kiss boys.

I must admit, he does seem to have pretty good taste in music, though.


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