shiny new toys?

If you’ve heard the latest holiday commercial for, I think it’s bell (?), they advertise their new phones by the message, “if you’ve fallen out of love w/your phone, there are plenty of new ones to be had”. Seems like it’s more than just phones that people seem to fall so easily in and out of love with in our society these days. Upon seeing the latest shiny new toy, or when something fresh and new, and possibly better comes along and catches our eye, we immediately abandon our old things in favour of something more enticing.

In a society preoccupied with the newer, better version of anything, what happens when our item of choice falls out of favour? Whatever happened to “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? When people can be granted divorces as easily and quickly as they get married in Las Vegas, where are the value in things? Or have we just become accustomed to things having an expiry date and simply come to expect that all things have a life span, natural or not, and as long as we enjoy them, then we keep them? When things have outlived their usefulness, they are as easily tossed away as they were acquired.

For me, things are usually more hard won and not so easily handed to me so therefore when I do win whatever I’m chasing, it’s that much sweeter and much harder to let go of, if need be.

A little ironic, though, that this post comes right after a post about how I want a shiny new toy, the blackberry storm.


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